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Service University new home page
Guaranteeing its customers the highest quality service has always been a top priority for Ferretti and is one of the things which sets it apart from others in the sector. We are convinced that our Dealers and Service Points play a fundamental role in ensuring the Owners of our motor yachts fully enjoy all the pleasures of life on board.
Service University was established on this certainty, providing refresher and professional training courses for all professionals working in After Sales.
Service University bases its philosophy on providing a wide range of training courses which are updated each year to include new content. Courses focus on a wide range of skills, from managerial abilities to customer satisfaction, and professionalism in the technical, sales and operational spheres.
With an ever-increasing ability to meet the development requirements for the various groups involved – which the consistent increase in participants over the years clearly shows – Service University is currently a fundamental point of reference, and an unmissable appointment for Ferretti Group Dealers and Service Points all over the world.

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